BIOSILK Silk Therapy Lite 167 ml

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BIOSILK Silk Therapy Lite is a leave-in treatment for your hair. BIOSILK Silk Therapy Lite restore your hair and protects it from damage in the future. BIOSILK Silk Therapy Lite is specially designed for thin or fine hair that just could use a little more. Gloss or texture

The BIOSILK Silk Therapy Lite hydrating and can hold up to three times its own weight in moisture. BIOSILK Silk Therapy Lite restores damaged parts of your hair and makes the cuticle layer of the hair smooth resulting in beautiful natural shiny hair.

If you often use hot styling tools BIOSILK Silk Therapy Lite is definitely recommended. BIOSILK Silk Therapy Lite repaired the damage caused by exposure to heat and prevents split ends and restored.